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If you observe that you are already losing the fight against food and you are not consuming what you truly desire. It is crucial to learn healthy cooking rules so that you’ll be able to get the most desired meal. You likewise need to learn how to feel more comfortable in the kitchen so that you will be able to feel closer to your food and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Most Americans consume lot of foods they don’t cook themselves. While 75% of the populace consume most dinners at home, less than 60% of them prepare them in the kitchen. In 2005, the trend of combining the convenience of take-out food with the comforts of home found each American buying an average of 57 restaurants meals to eat somewhere else; this has increased from 33 meals 20 years ago. And when they cook, they rarely cook from scratch. From research done last year, less than half of the meals prepared at home included even one fresh product.

Why don’t we cook more often? It’s because many people are just busy and won’t want to face the kitchen after a long stressful day. However, others don’t cook because they see food as enemy and are afraid of consuming what they made. Also, some people see the food they prepare as an extension of themselves, so they worry about being judged by the outcome.

There are some that also hope that by staying off the kitchen, they can keep the numbers on the scale from creeping slowly upwards. However, whenever it comes to what we consume, ignorance is not good and it is crucial for us to address the issue appropriately. Studies have also shown that we may likely eat more, too fast whenever we don’t keep an eye on what we consume. And how can we ensure our meals are healthy and have the appropriate number of calories if we don’t prepare them ourselves? This is why it is crucial to prepare our meals so as to stay healthy every time. Below are the essential tips for cooking healthy meals.

Tip 1: Stock your kitchen

The first step to healthy cooking is stocking your cupboards with the necessary utensils. These basics should be kept on hand so that you’ll be able to prepare healthy meals in less than the minutes it takes for pizza to be delivered. The basic healthy cooking tools needed include a good set of pots and pans, rice cooker or vegetable steamer, soup pot, food processor, grill, crock pot and good utensils.

The basic healthy cooking ingredients which you should have include vinegar, olive oil, onion, garlic, vegetable or chicken stock, salsa, chopped tomatoes, beans, whole grained bread, pasta, rice, low fat cuts of meats like chicken breast, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, frozen vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tip 2: Plan ahead

It is essential for you to plan ahead so that you’ll be able to prepare healthy meals. You can make double or triple the amount of the recipe mentioned and freeze the extra for future use. You can likewise freeze minestrone soup and thaws into an instant healthy meal. Other ingredients which are mostly used can also be kept refrigerated so that you’ll easily pick them whenever you want to prepare a healthy meal.

For instance:

  • Clean and chop vegetables
  • Peel and chop potatoes and then store them in cold water in the fridge
  • Cut chicken breast into strips or bite-sized pieces for stir fry
  • Make chicken stock or vegetables to use as a base for soup
  • Prepare a basic marinara sauce for use over pasta or with polenta
  • Cook a big batch of beans for minestrone, chili or bean and rice
  • Cut up fruits for quick snacks

Tip 3: Keep the meal simple

With the aid of these basic healthy cooking tools, ingredients as well as pre-made foods, you can easily make any of the following healthy meals within a short duration:

Stir fry: You should fix quick cooking rice or use a rice cooker and serve with stir fry made with your pre-prepped chicken as well as vegetables and your favorite spices.

Pasta: You should cook whole wheat pasta and then serve with pre-made marinara sauce. Round out the meal with a salad of pre-washed and prepped greens. You can use grill chicken and serve on a pita or whole grain sandwich, again using pre-prepped veggies and chicken.

Beans and rice: Prepare a cook black or pinto beans and eat along with salsa, rice and a salad.

Soup: Below are two different recipes from Carol and Bob Hildebrand:

  • Quick chicken soup: Saute pre-cut chicken breast, garlic and onion in bottom of a soup pot with a small quantity of olive oil. Add chicken or vegetable soup stock, chopped basil, and either a half bag of your frozen vegetables or the equivalent quantity of simmer and pre-cut vegetables.
  • Carrot ginger soup: Saute pre-cut minced fresh ginger, onion and garlic in a small quantity of olive oil. You should also add a finely chopped carrot, sauté a few minutes more, add chicken or vegetable stock to cover, and simmer until the carrots are soft. The whole mixture should be prepared in a food processor and served topped with a dollop of yogurt. You can also ass a salad and some crusty rolls before serving it.

Dessert: You should serve fresh fruits anytime for a quick and nutritious snack or dessert. For a special treat, you can try one of the following ideas:

  • Quick apple crisp: Microwave chopped apples topped with sprinkled cinnamon. You should serve with a sprinkle of rolled oats and sugar.
  • Grilled fruits: Grill pineapple, banana or peach, and top with a small amount of ice cream.
  • Fruit ‘n’ yogurt sundaes: A spoon full of low-fat yogurt and chopped fruits can be combined into a sundae glass. Pile high, and top with cherry and reduced-sugar chocolate syrup.

Tip 4: Fold in flavor

Onion and garlic can be used for adding flavor to any dish. Healthy meals can also be enhanced with the aid of basil, oregano and cilantro fresh. A chopped cilantro can be chopped over black bean soup, for instance, punch can be added to the whole dish. And when salt is used judiciously, it would bring out the flavor in the healthy meal.

So as to save on fat and calories, ensure you use low fat plain yogurt rather than mayonnaise or sour cream, and buy low-fat cheese and milk rather than the full-fat version. Add flavor to vegetables with low-fat cheese, nuts, salad dressing, then add herbs and spices.


These four tips will help you in the preparation of healthy meals which would make you stay fit and healthy every time.

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